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Yvonne Cimone, Director
Why ballroom dancing? Let me share a bit of my personal experience. Attending my very first ballroom dance class well over a dozen years ago, I found myself in a situation where I felt shy, awkward and unsure that I really wanted to pursue this activity. Although I viewed myself as mature, comfortable in business relationships and social settings, I struggled to find my place in this new arena. Patient teachers, repetition, and a stick to it attitude helped me gain confidence. I find I now hold my head higher, dress differently and walk with greater assurance.

As adult learners, whether male or female, we tend to be more self directed which gives us the courage to open ourselves to learning new and sometimes challenging experiences. Moving on to dance lesson opportunities throughout Delaware, the Eastern shore of Maryland and Dance Camps in New York and PA, I was able to transfer that confidence I had in my business and personal life to the dance floor.

I believe dance brings out a variety of differing experiences for each of us. The lovely and ethereal Waltz guides us in becoming more graceful and more self assured while the Swing or Jitterbug with its lively beat is such fun and can uncover our hidden child. Tango emphasizes ways in which we relate to each other as men and women and the romance of a Fox Trot as you fairly float across the dance floor together is enchanting. Learning the Latin dances, Cha Cha, Samba, Salsa, Meringue, etc, help develop an improved sense of rhythm and focus along with increased energy level. These are earthy and enjoyable to learn and fun to dance

One of my instructors once shared with me that everywhere I step, I should, “…own that piece of the floor.”

On a spiritual level, her statement made sense to me and with each new step I felt more grounded and centered as movement became art. That simple concept forever changed me and the way I view and feel about myself and my relationships with others. This is the gift I hope to share with others as dance instructor and coach.

Learning Social Dance is a great way to interact with your partner, meet new friends and participate at weddings, parties, cruises, and events where great people get together. It is an investment that gives back in many ways.
I look forward to meeting and working with you.


Yvonne teaches dance and etiquette to adults, children and special needs groups.

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